The Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church purchased Beersheba Springs Assembly in 1941. A pre-Civil War Hotel built in Grundy County, Tennessee, it was originally advertised as a spa with “medicinal chalybeate (iron water) springs.” In 1839 the summer resort consisted of a tavern, dining room, and log rooms for the proprietor and guests. In 1854 John Armfield purchased the resort, built an imposing two-story hotel with a view of the valley below, a dining hall with ballroom above, a brick row building and additional log rooms, creating a quadrangle configuration with a grassy courtyard in the center. The hub of the Assembly still centers around these buildings. In its day, the resort offered fine cuisine by French chefs, ballroom dances with a French orchestra, concerts, theatre productions, etc. Sunday services were held by several denominations. President Andrew Jackson stayed at Beersheba Springs to benefit from its healing waters, and President James K. Polk held a political meeting in 1840 while Governor of Tennessee. For further information about Beersheba’s rich history, go to:





After purchasing the Assembly in 1941, individuals from the Tennessee Conference worked hard to repair the property which was in disrepair, and the facility was opened in 1942. Rooms were all vintage with shared accommodations and baths. Over time the Conference continued to improve the facilities, being careful to blend new structures with the old architecture:




At present time, Beersheba Springs Assembly offers 63 modern climate-controlled rooms with private bathrooms and linens, and 39 vintage rooms with shared bath facilities. In the near future there are plans to modernize the Upper Hotel and Log Row rooms to better accommodate the needs of our guests.